Sparq Creative Solutions, LLC

Our Process

What makes a brand?


The days where you can blast out messages and hope for the best are over. In a world that is constantly getting busier, people don't have time to notice you. What it means to have a brand or to create "brand awareness" is changing. Creating effective brand awareness and interest requires understanding what the brand represents and what singular story to tell. We've developed a process that allows our clients to identify their story and tell it in the most impactful way. Traditional advertising is on the way out; branding through storytelling is the new frontier in making brands memorable.


Our Process


The foundations for brand strategy takes place in our Discovery phase. Our strategic process aims at defining a foundation and rationale for the brand, and ensure that design is specific to the needs of the client and the end user. It also helps us make recommendations on specific branding assets for the production phase.


Brand Strategy Document

Strategy is a strategic process that defines a foundation and rationale for the brand. It’s where your design team crawls inside your brain and digests all we can about you, your company, your product or service, your target audience, and your competitive landscape. It ensures that design isn’t only awesome, but that it’s also relevant and intentional, specific to the needs of the client and the end user. 



Bridge between strategy and design, where we apply what we’ve learned about you during Strategy and brainstorm different concepts that apply to the brand. Sometimes these grow from brand values, other times to address the challenges being faced. These concepts assist in two ways: they provide direction for forthcoming design decisions and provide a foundation for design that is rooted in the company and that richly offers storytelling and continuity.



Iterative process wherein the designer presents curated visual brand work each week, receives feedback from the client and design peers, and then proceeds to narrow in on a brand system for the client.


Creative Assets

Photography is a vital visual and aesthetic consideration for your brand. Defining subject matter, visual foci, quality measures, aesthetic style, and even sourcing for your photography assets will ensure a coherent brand experience.



Brand Guidelines (Lookbook) & Communications Style Guide Collateral pieces or any necessary branding for child or sub-brands require additional weeks of design time. The Brand Guidelines, a comprehensive style guide, takes about a week itself to assemble and present.