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Be a creative (n.)


Creativity isn't something that just happens. If you want to be a creative, go create something.


Be a creative (n.), not just creative (adj.)

Creatives are the makers, the doers, the ones who don’t just think about changing the world but actually do. Creatives don’t just think about making things but make things so that they can think. Creatives are the ones who change the world not because they imagine a better world but because they go out and make the world a better place. Creatives are the dreamers, the visionaries, the thinkers who don’t stop at the thought but go and create. Don’t just be creative, go be a creative.

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You're invisible without branding

Being invisible sounds like a superpower until you start doing your thing and want people to know about it; only to find that invisibility is more of a curse than a superpower. You want people to care. You want people to read your blog. You want people to see your photography. You want people to come to your event. But no one knows you exist.