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Biblical Hebrew Academy Online


The Proposal

When Jeremy Lang, D.D. approached us with his desire to take a lifetime of specialized knowledge and scripture study and disseminate that knowledge through an online academy, we couldn’t wait to make his dream a reality. Dr. Lang’s vision was to establish an online academy where he could teach Biblical Hebrew to students across the nation (and across the world) for a fraction of the cost of a normal university. This would open doors for students to experience the power of scripture through loshan hakodesh—the holy tongue it was originally penned in—without cost prohibitive barriers.


What we helped with

  • Branding System + Extension Designs

  • Copywriting

  • Web Design

  • User Experience Mapping

  • Back-end Systems Development

  • Automated Marketing Systems

  • Video Production


Biblical Hebrew Academy Online needed to bridge the gap between the established aura of the ancient language and the accessibility of new media.


Our Approach

There are many moving pieces to launching an online academy. By planning out a User-experience map and developing a pipeline, we dialed in on the necessary pieces to be ready for launch day. (Did we mention that from our initial meeting to launch was two-weeks?)

Developing the Pipeline: The following steps represent the generalized process each potential student goes through on their way to converting to an enrolled student. Every piece of the puzzle must work in perfect harmony or those conversions would never happen.

  1. Potential Student sees advertising media for Biblical Hebrew Academy Online on social media platforms

  2. Potential Student navigates to proprietary platform (Website)

  3. Website is mapped according to the following logical path—Course Claim (Enrich your study, Enrich your life), Why Study Biblical Hebrew, Level 100 Course Description and Syllabus, Enroll Button/Pop-up Enroll CTA, Enrollment 4-Step Process.

  4. Potential Student begins Enrollment Process—Step 1: Pay fees through custom PayPal subscription page, Step 2: Complete Enrollment Form, Step 3: Validate Email for Email Mail Serv Campaigns, Step 4: Required Materials and Class Next Steps.

  5. Enrolled Student receives automated email campaigns from BHAO detailing next steps

  6. Pipeline repeats after initial enrollment period to generate leads for next enrollment period


Branding System + Advertising Media


Branding System

Even though the pipe-line starts with advertising media, there is one crucial step before creating that media—developing the visual identity for the organization. As with all new ventures, we started this project with the first element a potential student would connect with—the visual identity. The visual identity for BHAO needed to be strong and reassuring (the kind of weight a well-established university commands) while remaining accessible and non-intimidating. We chose a simple color scheme with dark navy to exemplify stability, confidence, and intelligence, while using a stark gold to highlight the most important element of this venture: the study of Biblical Hebrew.

A varying weight sans-serif family allowed us to follow in the footsteps of may modern universities that are blending their instruction methods between physical classrooms and online environments. This design choice further reinforces the accessibility of this academy.

Iconography + animation

The icon developed for BHAO combines two immensely important symbols (one literal, one metaphorical) into one cohesive mark. The Star of David, Hebrew Magen David (“Shield of David”), is a Jewish symbol composed of two overlaid equilateral triangles that form a six-pointed star. It appears on synagogues, Jewish tombstones, and the flag of the State of Israel. The two letters housed inside of the star are the Hebrew letters aleph and tav. The first and last letters of the Hebrew Alephbet respectively. This online academy is about more than just studying an ancient system of writing. It encompasses everything from “A to Z” when it comes to interpreting scripture through studying ancient Hebrew and the understanding of Jewish culture and tradition.

The animation for this mark smoothly ties these concepts together showing their interwoven and inseparable nature.


Video Production

The welcome video for BHAO was the initial point of contact for Potential Students. This video captured the spirit of the visual identity package while incorporating the logical argument for studying Biblical Hebrew as outlined on the website.


advertising media

To kickstart the enrollment process for BHAO and to announce this new venture, we created a series of social media advertisement creative pieces and collaborated with online influencers to get this media in front of a niche market of individuals who would be highly likely to enroll. The initial launch campaign consisted of an Introduction Video, Level 100 Class Graphic, Branded Giveaways, and Enrollment Deadline Information. All media was pushed with the BHAO landing page dominantly featured on the graphics and in the captions to drive traffic to our proprietary platform.


Web Design + Enrollment Process


Landing Page

The landing page is structured to build a step by step logical argument for why a Potential Student should enroll in Biblical Hebrew Academy Online. The page stats with the course claim—Enrich your study, enrich your life. The claim is then backed up by a quick explanation and then a further analysis of why studying Biblical Hebrew is relevant to us today.

All throughout the page you will find buttons to get the Potential Student to click through to the next step in the process: the Available Class page. With this structure, we achieved a 73% clickthrough rate to the next page in the first three weeks.


Available Classes

This page gives a bird’s eye overview detailing the projected expanse of the academy while diving into what the Potential Student can expect to take away from their time in Biblical Hebrew Level 100. It was important to this project that the Syllabus be made available on the front-end of the enrollment process to reassure the Potential Student that this was a well-developed, pre-planed, and airtight course offering that would be highly beneficial.

Similar to the CTA’s on the landing page, this page features a prominent Enroll Now button and has a pop-up Enroll Now CTA that appears after 30 seconds on the page or after the user has scrolled through more than 50% of the Available Classes page.


Enrollment Process

The enrollment process was reduced to the four basic steps we needed to collect payment, gather data, kickstart the automated campaigns, and inform students of the next steps.

Step 1: Step one uses a custom coded PayPal clickthrough link that temporarily takes students from the BHAO site to a customized PayPal subscription sign-up page. This process allowed us to collect payments from the USA to India without insane exchange rates or tedious banking transactions. Upon payment completion, the user is taken back to the website to Step 2.

Step 2: Step two is a general enrollment form that collects information about the student including name, address, phone, education level, and Biblical Hebrew experience.

Step 3: Asks the user to validate their email address. This email address is then sent to an email marketing list serv that manages automated follow-up emails and campaigns.

Step 4: Step 4 is a landing page congratulating the newly enrolled student on their Enrollment completion. They are then taken through the next steps to set up their third party accounts, purchase required materials, and are given information on how to navigate the online Student Center.


Student Center

The Biblical Hebrew Academy Online Student Center is an online portal connected to the main website that allows enrolled students to access videos of lecture archives, study guides, helpful tips, and more.

Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 8.26.53 PM.png

Automated Email Campaigns


Welcome Email

After completing the enrollment process, the enrolled student will receive the Welcome Email, containing information on their next steps and required materials for the course.


Google Classroom email

Three days after receiving the Welcome Email the enrolled student receives a follow-up reminder about setting up their Google Classroom account. Google Classroom is where quizzes, grading, and class interactions occur.

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