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We really love stories


Sparq Creative Solutions, LLC came from the crazy dream of myself and a couple high school buddies who didn’t know the first thing about running a business. After finding success in the organization Business Professionals of America through our small business management team, we had a sit down meeting where the “What if we made this a real business?” question was first brought up. With only one presentation under our belts and encouragement from our instructor we went about making Sparq a real business who could work with real clients.

Our first year as a “real business” went surprisingly well. We filed for our LLC and targeted local mexican restaurants as our first clients (because that sounds like a good idea right?). We developed reward campaigns, designed business cards, printed T-shirts, took pictures of food for new menus. We took any work that we could get our hands on and pretty soon the work started picking up.

Unfortunately for us, living in the middle of Indiana, we ran out of local mexican restaurants to do business with rather quickly. Around the same time our genius accounting and finance partner, Scott, accepted a full ride scholarship to study at two universities (yes, at the same time) and moved to North Carolina. Korbin and I doubled down on our skill sets. Korbin found clients, I designed whatever they needed.

This approach went quite smoothly until Korbin’s itch to travel the world as a journalist meant he could no longer be the recruitment arm of Sparq. I was left with a decision; close shop or double down and keep making stories.

Five years after asking “What if we made this a real business?” Sparq is collaborating with clients all across the US making brands, organizations, and their stories memorable. Our team, tools, and hair have changed over the past five years but our mission remains the same with one minor difference: we don't just make your brand better; we make it memorable.

Whether you're starting a business, revamping an existing organization, or looking for a partner to launch a new campaign; we would love to help tell your story and make your brand memorable.


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Finding someone to represent the organization you have poured time, effort, and energy into can be a bit nerve-wracking. Before we produce anything in the voice of your organization we want to learn more about who that voice is, what it represents, and why it does what it does. We’d love to grab lunch or meet over coffee!

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Our Team


Creative director, owner

Jordon Frye

A creative with a passion for telling stories. Throughout my career I’ve helped businesses and organizations create memorable stories that engage their audience. Creating well-defined brands through the art of storytelling, visual identity, and execution is not only my work; it is my hobby. A good story is more than just a pretty picture. It’s showing a piece of you that also happens to be a piece of them.



Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
B.S., Marketing, 2017

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Indiana University
Minor, Psychology, 2017

Activities & Affiliations

First Pentecostal Church of Anderson, Pastoral Assistant + Band Director
• ALJC Indiana Youth Division, Secretary
• Avid reader of Biblical Exegesis, Jewish Literacy, and Psychology
• Amateur wood worker


Graphic designer, Co-owner

Katlyn Frye

Hand letterer, Designer, Creative, Singer, Musician. An all around creative individual with a passion for transforming chaotic messages into ordered, sensible, and beautiful implements. Kate brings life and vibrancy to every project from print ads to physical hand-lettered signage.

Activities & Affiliations

Leadership Louisville Center, Graphic Designer
Pens & Paths, Owner + Hand letterer
First Pentecostal Church of Anderson, Aux Keys


Indiana University Southeast School of Business
B.S., Business (Marketing + Management), 2017


Pricing and Plans

Working with us means you’ll have a team of talented creatives dedicated to telling the story of your brand. With open lines of communication through email, phone, and project management softwares such as Asana, we’re ready to jump on updates (and the occasional emergency) as you need! So how do you hire us? Browse through our pricing and plans and get in touch.

Non-contract Hourly Production

For small one-time projects we offer our services at an hourly rate of $40/hour. You only pay for what we work! Whether you need t-shirt designs, course headers, campaign assets, copywriting, video editing, or anything in-between, we can pick up the slack when deadlines get tight and teams get thin!

Retainer Contract

For organizations who need more consistent help, we offer an hourly rate of $30/hr with a 3 hour per week minimum with a minimum contract duration of 3 months. We will maintain an open line of communication each week with a personalized Asana board for your organization to track projects. This is perfect for churches and companies that need social media management, routine graphic design, or need another creative hand on your team!

Packaged Projects

Our pre-packaged projects such as Branding Packages, Website Design, specialized video productions are quoted on a per project basis. We build custom quotes for large projects simply because no two projects are the same! We take factors such as where you’re starting from, what assets you already have, what assets you need, and where your creative pieces will be distributed into consideration when building your custom quote.